E përqeshnin pse jetonte në garazh, por ja çka kishte brenda

Prishtinë | 03 Kor 2016 | 18:29 | Nga

Whitney Leigh Morris, kreatorja nga Los Angeles, e kishte dizajnuar vetë garazhin e saj, meqë, siç shprehet ajo, në ditët e sotme është bërë e vështirë të gjesh ndonjë banesë ose shtëpi të mirë me çmim të volitshëm.

Ajo kishte thënë se “edhe gjërat më të thjeshta hyjnë në punë kur je kreativ”.

Morris jeton me partnerin e saj Adam, dhe kanë dy qenushë, Stanlyn dhe Sophien.

Në fotot më poshtë mund të shikoni sesi ajo e ka dizajnuar vetë garazhin dhe ka bërë një mini shtëpi luksoze.

What weekends are for. ?? I moved the folding furniture from the porch to the side garden for the holiday. I'm spending most of my time at home, because fireworks scare the hell out of Stanlee, and I hate the thought of him being alone when he's that freaked out. So Adam and I are catching up on our pregnancy reading, cooking at the cottage, welcoming visitors, and getting ready to celebrate the 4th on the Venice beach canals. Here's to a wonderful Sunday Funday-- have a mimosa for me, please! ?#TheTinyCanalCottage #StubsandSoph
Fingers crossed that these oversized branches (and my increasingly oversized belly) can make it through the cottage door. #26weeks ? #WLMmarket
MAILMAN! ? #StubsandSoph #TheTinyCanalCottage
And the seat-stealing continues. ?? Thank you @fleamarketfab for the cozy cushion-- Sophee is clearly keeping it warm for the baby until he arrives in October! ?#StubsandSoph #TheTinyCanalCottage
Our @refinery29 "tiny wedding" story & video are now up on the blog! ? Instead of buying vases and traditional floral arrangements for bar decor, we opted to save money by upcycling bottles (the contents of which were used for cocktails) and filled them with branches from the market. ♻️ (?:@monicawangphoto)
Fun news from the Cottage today-- our tiny wedding story is on @refinery29! The link and a short personal video from our wedding are both up in my latest blog post (URL in profile). ?? Image from our ceremony by @monicawangphoto, gorgeous garland by @lacuad. #TheTinyCanalCottage
The birthday boy! ?? We've had the most wonderful day with Stanlee. He ran around the dog park with his sister, explored the canals, received this beautiful handmade pet pillow from our sweet neighbors @thewolfnest, ate a ton of his favorite foods, and is now curled up in bed by my baby bump while I read. Happy 10th birthday to you, my best friend. #StanleeStubs
Lots of joy in our lil' house tonight-- this weekend marks week 25 of my pregnancy ?? and Sunday is Stanlee's TENTH birthday! ?? Thank you all for celebrating with us by being here via IG ?? #TheTinyCanalCottage
A couple o' seat thieves. ?? #StubsandSoph #TheTinyCanalCottage
This evening's office. ?? ?✨ For those of you struggling to make your tiny balconies or stoops usable, try a collapsible half-circle table like this one. It takes up very little space, but is still large enough for a laptop + accessories, or even a meal for two. (Adam and I are giants, and if we can fit comfortably I bet you can too!) #TheTinyCanalCottage
Very tiny house. Very tall preggo. #24weeks ? #TheTinyCanalCottage
? Oh haaaay, summer ?
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